The French Are Reviving Reconciliation Of Memory With Algeria

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مشاهدة او قراءة التالي The French Are Reviving Reconciliation Of Memory With Algeria والان إلى التفاصيل :

A group of French youth, including those of Algerian origin, responded to the desire of French President Emmanuel Macron to calm the wars of memory with Algeria, and decided to raise a set of demands to him, including proposals in this regard, based on the recommendations contained in the report worked out by French historian, Benjamin Stora.

According to the document published by the initiative’s owners in the French newspaper Le Monde, “Based on the report of Benjamin Stora, and with the assistance of Cecil Renaud, project manager at the Elysee Palace and those responsible for implementing the recommendations of this report, we have gathered as of June 2021 to reflect, discuss and present our vision on appeasing the French-Algerian memory crisis, and thereby we have decided to present our work in the form of letters addressed to the President of the Republic”.

The initiators are a group of fifteen young people, aged between 18 and 35, students and from different backgrounds, who say they “have a family connection to this story. Our grandparents or our great-grandparents were independence fighters, recruits, harkis, or returnees to France, or black feet, or Jews of Algerian origin, or French soldiers, or even members of the secret armed organization (OAS).”

This initiative comes after the meeting that brought together the French President with a group of French youth of Algerian origin, a meeting that witnessed irresponsible and unacceptable statements from Macron, reported by the newspaper “Le Monde” earlier, in which he questioned the existence of an Algerian nation before 1830, and caused a sharp diplomatic crisis between Algeria and Paris.

According to the document, its goal is to “work for reconciliation and build a common future for new generations”, by sharing and promoting some values, based on five themes, all linked to Benjamin Stora’s report, represented in “education, establishing a museum or institute of tes

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